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Sweet Relief Physical Therapy


Thank you for visiting  this website.   Sweet Relief Physical Therapy Inc . opened in the summer of 2021.  We are located in the Gazelle Pilates Studio on Van Nuys Boulevard in Sherman Oaks.

A quote by Joe Pilates is mounted on the wall -  "Change happens through movement and movement heals."

I chose  the name Sweet Relief.  Sweet can be interpreted as being compassionate and caring.  Relief is a pleasant and relaxed feeling that someone feels when something unpleasant stops or does not happen, removal or lightening of pain or stress.


Since 1991, I have spent 30 years practicing Physical Therapy in Home Health settings in the states of Massachusetts , Iowa, and  California.  My experience has been primarily with the geriatric population.  Patients seen in Home Health settings often have an acute diagnosis of recent surgery and injury, or chronic diseases such as arthritis and COPD.

There is a large variation in  treatment methods and experiences that one can choose from and setting is also a choice.  
The concept for Sweet Relief Physical Therapy is to be an extension of Home Health - treating the aging  population.   This person may have  functional restrictions such as low endurance  for daily activities, or struggling to walk minimal distances without rest.   A person is deconditioned thru injury, or hospitalizations after surgery and can experience pain that interferes with movement.   

Physical Therapy 

Physical Therapy is the treatment of disease, injury, or deformity using physical methods such as massage, heat and cold treatments and therapeutic exercises.  Physical Therapy may change and alter health and lifestyles for the better.

Geriatric Physical Therapy became a specialization  in medicine in 1989.  It emphasizes care and treatment for the aging population.

The job description of a Physical Therapist is to assess, plan, organize, and participate in a rehabilitation program that improves your mobility, relieves pain, and improves the quality of your life.


Teaching in Home Health begins at the initial evaluation.   It is a process of identifying and attending to people's needs, experiences, and feelings  - and making specific interventions to help someone learn. 

The correct way to use muscles to improve movement with less pain and to prevent injury is accomplished thru teaching.

Disease Management

Disease management is an important aspect of developing  a PT plan of care. The severity of disease can often be lessened by two simple remedies - improving sleep patterns and drinking more water.  In Home Health we always preach about drinking water.   I have also visited many websites that emphasize  drinking more water  and preventing dehydration.  Dehydration can lead to constipation, dry skin, dry eyes, arthritic pain, and hospitalizations for  mental confusion.   A patient once asked, " Why do we water our plants and  not ourselves?"

Therapeutic Exercise: why should you exercise?

Increase in physical activity or performing therapeutic exercise can help people who are having trouble moving after surgery or injury.   Exercise can help also with arthritis, joint pain, osteoporosis and with neurological diseases such as CVA's, Parkinson's Disease and brain injury.  Exercise helps to regain strength and increase mobility, improve or reduce pain, and prevent disablility.

Goals of the PT POC (plan of care)

One purpose and goal of Sweet Relief Physical Therapy is to alleviate the fear of increasing pain with movement and activity.  Sometimes, avoiding movement only makes matters worse.  What is often needed is a return to a previous level of functioning .  Creating and performing a HEP (home exercise program) may be seen as a means to measure improvement in daily activities.  Sweet Relief Physical Therapy can assist you in regaining control over your life and improving your quality of life.  

Fall Prevention

Weakness in muscles can cause problems with walking, balance and posture, and make it difficult to get up from a chair or participate in other activities. Weak muscles also increase the chance of injury from a fall.  Falls are prevented through a strengthening program that takes advantage of  weights, therapeutic bands or your own body weight.  

We Are Partnerships

Understanding the fact that you may be experiencing:

 - burning foot pain, 
- tingling, numbness or stabbing pain in the legs, 
- sciatic leg pain (that radiates down the back of the legs) or pain in the buttocks or lower back which make it difficult to sit, walk or sleep, and/or, 
- arthritic pain in the neck, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles that keep you from enjoying a quality of life,

Sweet Relief Physical Therapy will help you deal with the pain and also the loss of independence that often occurs, and will assist you in returning to a previous quality of life.  


A good working relationship is built on trust and commitment. Are you ready to build this Client / Physical Therapist partnership?   Because I am ready!    

I can be reached by text or voice at (626) 993-4875 or by email at CherylJAdamski@sweetreliefphysicaltherapy.hush.com


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